Helping our 2 million customers have an easier, more rewarding relationship with money is our raison d’etre here at MoneyLion. We’re always listening to feedback and improving our offerings, and we’re excited to launch our new referral program.

Easiest cash and points rewards ever

When you refer a friend and they join MoneyLion Plus, you'll both get great rewards:

For you:

$10 extra in your managed investment account, if you’re a MoneyLion Plus member

500 points, if you’re not a MoneyLion Plus member 🎉

For your friend:

$20 ($10 referral bonus, $10 sign-up bonus) into their managed investment account💰

For every three successful MoneyLion Plus referrals, you’ll win $5, $100, or $2,000 in your Plus investment account if you’re a Plus member and 100, 1,000, or 2,500 points if you’re not.

It pays to help your friends roar

MoneyLion Plus membership offers a guided investment account, access to 5.99% APR loans with no need to reapply, and $1/day cashback. Good credit not required. Spread the word and free cash today. 🤑 You can refer friends here.