We've rolled out four new points-earning actions around Good Credit Habits that you can redeem for valuable gift cards. All of these actions are our way of rewarding you when you take steps towards achieving financial wellness.

If you haven't signed up for an account yet at MoneyLion to earn valuable rewards such as points that you can redeem for gift cards, then sign up today. It's free and our way of incentivizing all of our customers to take good financial actions on the path toward achieving financial wellness.

Here's a brief explanation of each one and how you can begin earning more points.

  1. Earn points when you enroll in Free Credit Monitoring
    If you haven't done so already, sign up for our Free Credit Monitoring service. You'll get access to your TransUnion credit score, key highlights from your credit report, and a Credit Simulator tool that you can use to try out different financial scenarios and see how your credit score could be impacted (for example, if you pay off all of your credit cards, take out a new loan, etc.).

    Best of all, you'll earn 20 points just for signing up!

  2. Earn points 3 months after you sign up for Free Credit Monitoring
    This one is super simple: After you've been enrolled in Free Credit Monitoring for three months you'll get 50 points.

  3. Earn points each month you don't make a late payment using Credit Monitoring
    Every month you're able to keep on top of your bills and you don't make a late payment, we'll give you 10 points.

  4. Earn points when you keep your credit utilization below 10% each month using Credit Monitoring
    It's nearly always a good idea to not max out your credit cards and other credit lines and risk not being able to pay back your outstanding debt.

    For each month that you keep your credit utilization below 10% (e.g. if you have a credit line of $1,000 not using more than $100 of it), we'll give you 10 points.

  5. Earn points each time your credit score increases by 20 points using Credit Monitoring
    Anytime you raise your TransUnion credit score by 20 points we'll give you 5 points.

Don't let these potential points-earning opportunities go to waste! For most you'll be able to earn additional points every month just by making sure you're keeping on top of your good credit habits.

Log into your MoneyLion account to check out the latest points-earning actions today, or sign up for free account.